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Discovered in the 1950’s, Botox® has been used therapeutically for years to treat a variety of medical conditions.

It seems everyone is doing Botox now!  Med spas, dentists, and others are all trying to attract patients by adding Botox to their practice.  But if you are looking for a provider for Botox in Frisco who has years of experience and has treated thousands of patients with consistently outstanding results, schedule your consultation at Rodgers Dermatology today.  Whether you are in Plano, Frisco, or north Texas, find out why patients are traveling from all over to have Dr. Rodgers perform their Botox in Frisco.


How does Rodgers Dermatology achieve natural results with Botox?

Listening, customizing, delivering. The staff at Rodgers Dermatology places an emphasis on listening to patients and providing a tailored customer experience. Everyone is different, and that’s why the providers at Rodgers Dermatology change the dosage and injection points to meet each person’s individualized goals. Using the correct dosage can help patients experience the benefits of a non-surgical brow life without the surgery or downtime. Everything from the age, gender, and ethnicity of the patient need to be considered when designing a treatment plan for natural results, and our providers take this all into consideration.

Botox is the most popular non-surgical aesthetic treatment in the United States.  Although it is extremely safe and effective when done properly, your choice of who to trust to perform this procedure is important.  It seems everyone from nail salons to pop-up med spas are offering Botox.  Shouldn’t you have an injector who has extensive training, is well-versed in achieving natural-appearing results, and who can make recommendations to you based on your specific goals and facial structure?  You deserve the best!  Dr. Rodgers and the providers at Rodgers Dermatology have years of experience with Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin.  We can customize a treatment plan so you can start to slow down and even reverse the aging process.

Dr. Rodgers is one of the most trusted and experienced Botox® providers in Dallas. He is a board certified dermatologist, so you can be confident in knowing your treatment will be handled professionally and provide natural-looking results. At Rodgers Dermatology, expect our skilled and experienced providers to treat and proactively prevent signs of aging.

No anesthesia, downtime, or scarring is required for Botox® treatments. The entire procedure takes only a matter of minutes and is performed in our office.

Botox® results usually appear in a matter of a few days and typically last three to five months, although the effect varies between patients. When used for excessive sweating, effects range from 2 to 12 months, depending, in part, on the locations treated.

When used for excessive sweating (called hyperhidrosis), it is occasionally partially covered by many insurance plans. Prior authorization before the procedure is usually required to ensure it is a covered procedure. Further details will be provided at your consultation.

Are you looking to learn more about Botox in Frisco? For more information, check out our Botox® treatment visualizer tool or call our office at (972) 704-2400.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Botox

What is Botox?

Botox® (Botulinum Toxin Type A) is a substance that temporarily blocks the signal from nerves to muscles. Medically, Botox® may be used to block the signal from nerves to sweat glands in patients with excessive sweating of the hands or underarms. Cosmetically, it is a safe, effective way to soften lines and wrinkles in the face.

Botox blocks the signal from the nerve to the muscle in the area it was injected, thereby causing a relaxation of the muscle and reduction in wrinkles. The muscles are “paralyzed” in the area where it is injected, proving a smoother, fuller look.

What can Botox Treatments do for me?

Through a series of tiny injections, Botox gives you a rejuvenated look by smoothing crow’s feet beneath the eyes, frown lines between the eyebrows, horizontal lines across the forehead, worry lines around the mouth, and lines on the neck.

Additionally, Botox may be useful for people who get migraines, sweat excessively, and grind their teeth. If a brow lift interests you but you do not want to undergo surgery, then Botox may also be for you!

How does Botox work?

Botox Cosmetic works by relaxing muscles that are responsible for wrinkles. By blocking nerve receptors, Botox effectively prevents the muscle from receiving repetitive commands to flex, causing wrinkles to appear. These are the same lines that appear when one is stressed or angry. That’s why relieving those muscles gives the user a more youthful look!

What happens during my Botox Procedure?

Utilizing a finely gauged needle, Botox Cosmetic will be injected into the muscles in your face that are causing winkles and lines. At Rodgers Dermatology, all providers are highly trained in Botox injections , and attend supplemental classes as required to keep with Botox best practices.

Does getting Botox hurt?

Some patients may experience brief, mild discomfort during the injection depending on the location of the injection. Because the needle is so tiny, there may be areas where you will not be able to feel it at all.  Everyone is different, but most patients can easily tolerate the injections without any additional anesthesia.  Some patients choose to use ice, vibration, or topical numbing cream to make the treatment even more comfortable.

How long will it take to notice results from Botox and how long will they last?

Botox usually works in about 1 week, but it may take up to two weeks for maximum effect. It is important to remember that Botox softens wrinkles, but that deep wrinkles may not go away fully. With regular botox use, deeper lines may soften over time.

Botox lasts approximately 4 months. Ones you start to notice your lines deepening, you know it’s time for your next treatment.

What should I do after receiving Botox injections?

You should use the muscles you’re treating for about an hour after the injections. This helps the muscles absorb the Botox. Despite feeling any sort of irritation, do not massage the area.

What are the Side Effects of Botox?

Immediately after Botox, your may have small red bumps at the injection site. These bumps typically recede after 30 minutes. Occasionally, patients will bruise from the injections. A bruise resolves the same as any other bruise does, in about a week.

Is Botox Cosmetic safe?

The FDA approved Botox Cosmetic in April 2002, and it has been used in millions of U.S. patients since. Botox Cosmetic is produced under sterile conditions wherein the protein is purified into a freeze-dried powder until it is prepared for injection.

How much does Botox cost?

Because everybody is different and have different needs, Rodgers Dermatology charges by the quantity of Botox Cosmetic used to service that individual’s specific needs.

What is the Difference Between Botox and other injectables? (Dysport and Xeomin)

These products provide a safe, quick and effective way to treat wrinkles caused by muscles moving. It is commonly used on wrinkles of the upper face, including frown lines (glabella), crow’s feet, and forehead. However, it has many other uses such as lip enhancement, treating down-turned mouths, and more. Botox is the original, but Dysport and Xeomin can be used to achieve similar results are are usually interchangeable.

The Importance of Choosing a Qualified Physician

Even though Botox is not a surgical procedure, it is always important to choose a provider who is qualified and has years of experience servicing Botox procedures. Inexperienced and unfamiliar providers have been known to provide lackluster experiences and leave you with a “frozen” or “surprised” look on your face. Dr. Rodgers and his highly qualified and experienced staff have successfully treated thousands of patients with Botox Cosmetic over the years. Every patient is given the time to express their wants and desires to tailor the procedure to best correct their problem area(s), so patients can be happy again with their smoother, younger-looking skin.

For more information, check out our Botox® treatment visualizer tool or call our office at (972) 704-2400.

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