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Smiling beautiful woman admiring the results of Sofwave Skin Tightening treatment in a mirror.
A woman in a gray top and bluejeans sits near her kitchen counter, scratching her arm
A red-headed young woman with rosacea looks off camera and ponders
A pretty young girl examines her acne outbreak in a vanity mirror in her bedroom on a bright day
A gorgeous young brunette woman with red nails holds an orange & yellow leaf over her left eye
A close up of a woman’s cheek, spotted with sun damage, brown spots, fine lines, & wrinkles
A young woman in a white t-shirt examines psoriasis patches on her side in a mirror
A gorgeous woman in a yellow tank top receives a dermal filler injection from a nurse in blue gloves
Sunscreen arranged in the shape of the sun on a young woman’s back at the shore
The white brick arch and inset, red brick facade of Rodgers Dermatology in Frisco, TX
a close up of a person wearing underwear
woman applying sunscreen on shoulder for sun protection
skin protection
girl in a pool with body contouring
annual skin exam
botox 101
common skin conditions
skin goals
cosmetic dermatology
sugar effect on skin
fall skincare
pediatric dermatology
dermatologic surgery
a woman posing for the camera
a person posing for the camera
a man wearing glasses and looking at the camera
a person wearing a hat
a woman posing for the camera
a close up of a hand
a person sitting at a table using a laptop
a person posing for the camera
a woman looking at the camera
a close up of a woman
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